Seyi Ojenike

Biography: Abdul Quadr Oluwaseyifunmi Ojenike, a Nigerian poet and playwright known by his pen name Seyi Ojenike, is a passionate wordsmith with a talent for poetry. Inspired during a summer school program in Festac Town, his love for writing was nurtured by his teacher's encouragement. Graduating secondary school as the top student in multiple subjects, Seyi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Security Studies after briefly studying law. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language, Seyi draws inspiration from literary giants like Wole Soyinka and Niyi Osundare. With a burning desire to contribute to the literary landscape, Seyi aspires to earn a PhD in English Literature and be opportune to contribute to academia by teaching in the English Department of one of Nigeria's prestigious universities.

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Seyi Ojenike
Saturday 3 June 2023

To Kill a Roach

In the shadows of the fading light,

In the dead of night, a threat appears.

With its wings spread, it takes flight,

As a sense of fear develops, my heart races.

A fluttering roach, the offspring of terror,

Invaded my peace by grabbing my focus to itself.

I hold onto my broom with shaking hands.

ready to confront imminent disaster.

My heart beats like an agitated drum from inside me,

Rapidly and fearfully.

As I move cautiously closer,

Every thump echoes with a sense of dread.

I battle against fright with every swat

And frantic swing of my shivering body.

To release myself from this threat,

I made a passionate plea in the form of a primitive dance.

The zigzag flight of that disgusting bug,

Even so, is a frantic joke.

My heart races as a result of my fear

It is so close as I chase it, my pulse racing.

After the final blow, which landed with a loud thud,

I overcame my dread of this foul thing.

Yet, my heart continues to race.

A proof of the horror that was real.

In spite of my doubt,

There was a sigh of relief and a win thereafter.

The roach is no longer there,

But its memory is

The sound of fear's refrains

Is indelibly etched in my heart.

To kill a roach, a battle fought,

A melody of beating hearts and unexpected horror.

My strength was put to the test in this conquest,

My heart stopped as I tried to confront the dread.


Seyi Ojenike
Saturday 3 June 2023

Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the wind, a gentle touch,

Carrying secrets that mean so much.

In nature's embrace, I find my peace,

As worries and troubles begin to cease.

Leaves rustle, a soft lullaby,

Nature's melody, soaring high.

In the whispers of the wind, I find solace,

A reminder of life's gentle grace.


Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Suffering and Smiling

On the soil where resilience abounds,
Nigerians tread on hallowed ground,
Amidst trials that never seem to cease,
They find solace in smiles, a cloak of peace.
Through the chaos and economic strain,
They bear burdens that others may disdain,
Yet laughter echoes through the air,
A testament to strength they proudly wear.
With ingenuity, they craft their way,
In the face of challenges that hold no sway,
Suffering and smiling, a paradox so true,
Nigerians find hope, their spirit shines through.
In the face of struggle, they stand tall,
United by a spirit that will never fall,
For their laughter is a shield they wield,
Defying the hardships that lay concealed.
Oh, Nigerians, resolute and bold,
In your vibrant smiles, stories unfold,
Through adversity, your spirit remains,
A testament to the resilience that sustains.
So let the world witness their unique art,
As they navigate life with a resilient heart,
Nigerians: suffering and smiling, hand in hand,
An indomitable spirit that will forever stand.


Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Lost Rhythms

In the echoes of forgotten tales,
Africans dance to foreign beats,
Their feet entangled in alien steps,
Their souls swaying to borrowed tunes.
They forsake their own melodies,
Assembled over centuries of existence,
Trading vibrant rhythms for hollow echoes,
Blinded by the allure of distant shores.
Colonial whispers still linger,
Breeding insecurity, sowing doubt,
Their cultural fabric worn thin,
In pursuit of acceptance, they discard their roots.
The richness of ancestral wisdom,
Fades in the shadow of borrowed customs,
Their minds colonized, their spirits suppressed,
In a relentless pursuit of assimilation.
Oh, Africa! Awaken from this slumber,
Embrace the heartbeat of your own drum,
Rekindle the flames of ancient fires,
And let your voices rise in unison.
For the strength lies in your diversity,
In the tapestry woven by countless tribes,
Unfurl the banner of cultural pride,
And reclaim the essence that is truly yours.
Let the rhythms of the Motherland resound,
From the savannas to the bustling cities,
For it is in embracing our own unique cadence,
That Africa will find its voice once more.


Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Celestial Symphony

Starry night unveils its cosmic symphony,
Celestial bodies waltz in harmony.
Moon's gentle glow, a lullaby for the soul,
Unveiling secrets the universe holds.
Constellations paint stories in the sky,
Whispering tales as time drifts by.
Oh, how the cosmos enchants our sight,
A celestial ballet, a mesmerizing delight.


Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Eledumare, the Great Creator

O Eledumare, great Creator divine,

Whose power and wisdom made all things in time,

The sun, the moon, the stars that brightly shine.

You set the earth on its axis to align,

And gave the oceans their ebb and flow's chime,

O Eledumare, great Creator divine.

You formed the mountains and valleys to incline,

And gave the rivers their course to unwind,

The sun, the moon, the stars that brightly shine.

The wind and rain, the seasons in their design,

All work in harmony with a purpose in line,

O Eledumare, great Creator divine.

Your grace and mercy forever will shine,

Your love and goodness we'll forever enshrine,

The sun, the moon, the stars that brightly shine,

O Eledumare, great Creator divine.


Seyi Ojenike
Saturday 20 May 2023


What a journey, what a ride
From the first moment of conception
To the day of birth, and beyond
Motherhood is a beautiful song

The weight of responsibility
Can sometimes feel like a boulder
But with every coo and smile
A mother's heart swells with pride

The sleepless nights and endless days
Of diaper changes and feeding times
Are nothing compared to the joy
Of holding a tiny life in your arms

From the first steps to the first words
A mother watches her child grow
And though the journey is not always smooth
Love always finds a way to shine through

Motherhood is a journey of sacrifice
Of giving your all for another life
It's a journey that's both beautiful and tough
But a mother's love is more than enough

So here's to all the mothers out there
The ones who work tirelessly every day
May your love and sacrifice never go unnoticed
And may you always find joy along the way.


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