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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Monday 6 May 2024


My Heart Skips a Beat My hurt skips a beat at the Mention of ur name My mind blazes in flames whenever I think of you, Just the smile of your pretty face forces me crack The dimples that lie behind your fleshy Cheek, The majesty in your walk Behold my hands make me feel like a slave of your love Let my legs run a thousand Lovely assignments for you Here is my tongue Allow it to profess and attest Your beauty in eulogy and harmony To the world I have nt seen yet,when my eyes have not gazed at your beauty I can’t get my eyes off you Seeing you doubles my lifespan A day with you is like heaven A holiday from hell Dam what can I say Am so privileged to enjoy this undeserving moments with a pearl from a place of unknown What name can properly adore you. You are more than just one Rib to me Your voice pours down with the exciting symphony down my spine Which rushes down my loins And sets me high Stay away from me lest let me die of thirst I mean come closer and set me free No,enslave me in your palms of pleasure A treasure hidden at the heart of the Ocean for me Let them perish those who hunger For you And forms an adversary to My future. Come rain,come shine In every Disaster You are meant for me And if I die,I will await for you like a bachelor At the other side, And when death takes you first A suicide will justify my love. H2O the silent poet ??


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