Ifeoluwa Oseni

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Ifeoluwa Oseni
Wednesday 22 September 2021


Time seemed slow to me

Yet beckoning me to run

I told it to shut Its lieing but yet prudent lips

That tells me to do what it doesn't do

Success seemed nonprofitable to me

Yet it pushes me to work

But again,I told it to let me be

Knowing that things ain't rosy as it seems

Hope seems useless to me

Yet it convinces me to believe the unbelief

I scowled at it calling it a coward

For things aren't worth taken to heart

Then the annoying one of all....Love

Took my hands and led me to the dance floor

Giving me the most adorable laughter

Even though all I did was to fill my face with distraught and disgust

But it didn't flinch,rather it laughed even more


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