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Almustapha Umar
Thursday 2 May 2024

A Night's Serenade, Lit"

engulfed was the moment by darkness and I heard a call

a whisper sermoning my soul

amidst the night towards the river to

there at the bank i found a glimpse of light

a figure of she under the moon, and by watchful eyes of stars , her face  glitters 

my heart paused and ponder, stopped and wander what being could she be? I asked 

With every breath, enthralled, I drew near

Entranced by her aura, so faint, yet so clear

In her ethereal presence, time seemed to freeze

And my heart, alight with an unfamiliar ease

Her voice, soft and melodious, graced the air

A symphony of hope, dissolving my despair

"I am but a melody," she whispered, gentle and kind

"Caught in the night's embrace, tailor-made to remind

That even in darkness, there's beauty to find."

Lost in her words, under the moonlit glow

I yearned to unravel the secrets she bestowed

She spoke of dreams and wishes untold

Of forgotten tales and stories yet to unfold

As she weaved enchantments, the world transformed

From shadows and silence, both shattered and torn

Her mystical presence ignited a passion inside

To embrace life's uncertainties, with nothing to hide

Through midnight's veil, she danced with grace

A celestial being bound by love's embrace

Her radiance transcended the realm of the moon

And I, simply a witness, entranced all too soon

So, my dear friend, let this tale be told

Of a transcendent encounter, of a beauty bold.

Almustapha umar


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