Faruk Aminu

Biography: Am proudly a poet..... With the stated name (farukwords).....having a pending novel... COMING SOON!!!!!

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Faruk Aminu
Wednesday 7 July 2021


This is a wonderful world, and it's true.

It's for us, the trees, and animals, too.

Mother Earth provides us with what we need,

But she can't fulfill humans' constant greed.

Her resources are limited, and she is running out.

Listen to her warnings, cries, and ongoing shouts.

We have polluted her land, water, and air.

This shows Mother Earth how little we care.

We have ignored her for a long enough time.

How we treat her is nothing less than a crime.

May we learn from the mistakes as fast as we can,

Because can't you see destruction has already begun?



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