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Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Thursday 19 December 2019

Roses in a Vase

Just like roses in a vase,
A lilly planted on a valley,
Just like sunshine upon the countryside,
And the beautiful Tulip flower on a vast plain,

Just like song newly composed,
Pretty birds in colourful feathers,
Like honey in a precious jar,
Like sweet smelling fragrance,
Like butterfly in a vineyard

Just like blue sky with diamond star,
A fluorescent moon at night,
An Angel in a dream
And a co-traveller on a long journey,
Just like  a friend made in heaven
A companion of forever.

Just like yesterday you came
And put smiles on our faces,
A pearl that is rare,
A gem I cherish
A bouquet of flower.

....Happy birthday my Wura.


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