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Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

Mr president


What a pleasant surprise!

To have the most prestigious person in my house before sunrise

Can i use this opportunity to discuss  matters arise?

Or would it be a let's discuss later in the office? 

What do you have to say about herdsmen that let a whole village with cries

Or the women, in process of expansion of roads, you traumatize 

What about  certificate moving form one desk to another for where it qualifies

Or our massive trooping out to exercise the franchise

Even though we know our lives could be jeopardized

And our votes sometimes may not be maximized

What of families that face death with their naked eyes

Cause of poverty, ignorance and lack of health cares

How about our health professionals who everyday compromise

And at the end don't get a token not even half to their prize

I have to go Mr president before all I would start seeing would be tears 

But before then lemme remind you of students who spend extra years as strike glorifies




        From a concerned citizen.     z_itabb😥😥






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