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Adedoyin Adewole
Wednesday 17 August 2022


I hate how I can’t sleep within five minutes of closing my eyes

I hate the intrusive thoughts

The sudden waves of sadness for no reason 

Or the imaginations that will never come to reality 

I hate the tossing and turning

The strange feeling that builds up from my chest and travels down to my knees 

Causing me to think my legs are about to explode 

I hate the three hours it takes for me to go to sleep

On the nights when I don’t want to read 

Or listen to music

Or watch something 

Or talk

Or laugh at memes

Because I simply want some peace and quiet 

But what do I do when the quiet disturbs me

 I love the ten minutes before I finally go to sleep

The thoughts of something new to do

When I awake from my rest 

The ideas that come rushing at me

Making the hours of torment worth it


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