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Steve Steve anc
Monday 13 December 2021

Nothing last forever


There comes a time—

When blue will depart from the sky, 

And red will deny roses;

A time—

When the green will no longer appeal to the grass.

And the  face that glows will gloom;

But who knows when?!


At birth, we bloom as the bird,

Flying from dawn to dusk without fainter hue;

Twinkling and flickering our tails as twinkle stars.

Sometimes, like the hummingbird, we gladly sang:

Cause we had no case against the sky,

Nor any  grudge against the cold;

Neither wonder why the moon atop,

But always wander with a bottle of merriment.

But there comes a time—

When sunlight will seem less bright,

Hummingbird will  less gladly sing;

And hills will appear steeper. 


Nothing last forever!


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