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Biography: A poet song composer, writer,cinematographer and computerist Age :43 years Tall and fair in complexion

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charles dick benson
Monday 5 February 2024


if you money you can give it him who needs it.
if don't have money it can be done to you free
of charge.
Because bless is the hand that giveth than the one
that taket
If you have money to offer you can give it to the one
who needs it and is capable and willing to put it to
good use and to put up a thing and use it to the best
Don't be a hinderance and obstacle to the progress
of the other
I remember God's work and help towards my fractured
leg and helplessness state caused by a car accident
that hit the front leg in my quest for treasure.
You are praise and raise lord keep keeping the good
Peace tothe world ,Peace

This poem and quote is for those who are seeking help
and needs help.

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