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Kehinde-Margret Makinde
Friday 9 September 2022

The Inquisitor

Beyond six feet of distance 

and seven heavens of this pull of woods, 

I draw intensities of sounds and words to placements,

Calling me beyond the territories of these leaves.

My soul sought profiles of its songs 

While its proud emission and enthusiastic incision jingle,

In fields of consciousness, beyond access to semantics,

Submerging me 

in the author’s trance of phrasal phenomena; 

Telling me, “focus!” 

amidst mortal icebergs and immortal tides, 

Saturating undiluted pinnacles, 

on paths leading home 

from the author’s elements of creativity and  

Symbolism’s narration, 

by a series of innovative intonations, I have employed it. 

Yet, I am on volume one.  


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