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Godwin Worikuma
Saturday 8 May 2021

Where do we go wrong

where do we go wrong?

we were all tired,

tired of all the promises.

we needed change,

change that wil bring a lasting solution.


there is hunger in the land

unemployment is at the peak

untimely death everywhere

terrorist are coming like a wild fire

bombing here and there.


workers rejected deployment to some part.

soldiers resigned,

the arms are not strong to fight back.

we needed God intervention.


some say we are the help we need,

the need to change the government.

a larger percentage was in support

to change a man who is trying his best.


eventually the new government came,

the Messiah we have been waiting for.

the man conversant with the ways of governance,

handling of  security should never be his problem.


but now what is the problem? 

the Messiah we believed was not the one?

the situation has become worse

so I ask, where do we go wrong?


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