Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 28 February 2024


Now see what you made me

A fowling prey 

Humanoid beast

Clearly you've upturned me

Saint of courage and truth

You've masked me up in shields 

When all I ever asked

Was a bread and a shirt

A home and a life

You promised lights in my Savanna 

Meadow pastures in the Sahara

You coerce my very intent 

To mean pain and threat

You annoy my human nature

To halt my spawning resolve

To stop you

You sent after me

Innocent knights uncrowned 

In the openness of fairness

You murdered my Madela 

You paranoia my chastity 

With bitterness and enmity 

To your philosophies I concur

But your arrogance I abhor 

Your bright degrees

Spurn wild decrees 

That meant nothing but sin

Now my quest is vengeance 

I still yearn your repentance 

As though I became a sword 

To sally the bitterness of your rot

           -Poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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