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Winifred Odu
Wednesday 17 February 2021

What legacy shall I leave behind

Whenever I hold my pen to ink

Fear rushes through my body

It’s an unknown fear I guess 

A mighty one I can’t confront 

I fear my print which will 

be my footprint

I fear the fact that it 

can’t be erased 

I fear what I shall leave 


One day I asked myself

Wini with all the inking 

What are you leaving behind?

I fear being another 


I fear silence, like that of 

Emily Dickinson

Worst of all I fear if I ever leave 

behind any legacy

But what shall I leave behind?

If it be these poems, I write for the depressed 

To save the suicidal 

To give hope to the hopeless

To give voice to the voiceless

Then I guess I’ve no legacy to leave behind 

Forgive me 


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