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Olukemi Omoyeni
Thursday 7 December 2023

To my wife if I leave

The death of Ajanaku quivers the forests,

The cold hands of warm death unseen.

I am at the gate of hades,

Knocking on heaven's gate my soul to present.

In the morrow of tomorrow I will be gone,

In the guidance of sparkling angels, 

But my clansmen, let me leave words, 

Will or codicils you may nomenclate this,

My wife you shall entreat with all my realty.

brother, my wife is the half flesh that completes my being,

Springing forth like a lily to beautify my gusto.

This land, observe it,

Our last destination it shall be,

Give her all.

In the morrow of tomorrow, maybe yet maybe not yet, 

I may be gone

Collect nothing from Sebolatan that belongs to me.

I have seen the plundering of Aduke,

The levirated mistress of my dead friend,

That my wife may come no close after I am long gone.

Kindred, do you want to know peace?

Let not my ghost dissipate your serenity

Give her all I own.

Sebolatan my wife, the masterplanner, give her all,

Before I become the regular deadman I  my clan,

The death of my father displaced my mother of everything,

So my clan assumes nor believes, 

In the crucible of their callousness

A woman they speak has no place, not my wife!

Displace her at your peril.

Kindred, are you attentive?

All cozy shelters we built together

Kotila my brother, you swerved us at our perilous time,

Out of envy and vileness of your heart,

You did me no relief, you soothed me not,

But my wife, the cotton fibre

That sees through all tides and seasons,

Architect of all I built in my lifetime,

Give her all, to her and my children

In the morrow I may be long gone.







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