Idowu Oroye

Biography: I am a Christian, a proud Yoruba boy and someone who is passionate about writing poems that are didactic and morally uplifting. I am on Facebook and Twitter: @IdOroye

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Idowu Oroye
Thursday 24 February 2022


More coals to the gleeds, 

And more speed for the steeds,

Slumbering for the fire,

To burn on the pyre.


Time and time again on wings,

Flies time through climes,

Seasons with the birds cling,

Sing impatient rhymes.

A new day bursts unclouded,

Life again comes unshrouded,

Carried on eagle's flight,

Hurries to dark night.


Bring visions anew,

Keep pace with time's heels,

Play wisdom a cue,

Make efforts go on firm reels.


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