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Recent Poems

dancing with the dancing dance 34
the anointed parrot 24
the anointed parrot 20
title: love's embrace 67
title:- freedom 53
my pen crime 46
my opinion about the world i live in. 48
heart cry ?? ?? 559
a new beginning 42
crown 61
endless affection: souls united in love 68
familial bond: unbreakable threads of love 70
sustaining progress: love's guiding light 62
nurturing love through life's challenges 68
and so what! 91
monday by de bar 115
aesthetic of new year 103
my life 134
the way i embarked on 116
heart message 136
schmooze lifecycle 111
the prey 163
the hypocrisy of life and death 186
nigeria's flawed 2023 polls 166
god, my father 230
time sojourner 145
invictus. 168
open letter 189
joy 228
veronica 173
to kill a roach 165
whispers of the wind 235
stillbirth 161
แบนแบนฬrìndílógún: an ode to the 16th president of the federal republic of nigeria 343
suffering and smiling 321
lost rhythms 184
celestial symphony 241
eledumare, the great creator 300
broken 203
holding unto your dreams 282

Spoken Words

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