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Ayomide Oladimeji
Friday 30 September 2022

An ode to death


O’reaper of the living.

The ending of every life beginning.

The shadow that clutches so close,

Counting clock as it goes.

A good friend whose name is called    certain

That helps to draw grief and a trial curtain.

An endless sleep where all dreams cease,

Flowing rivers of tears for eternal peace.

A special uninvited guest,

Evicting the host with no request.

The great hand of almighty,

Uprooting those strong and mighty.

The friend of the just,

The most feared enemy of the unjust.

Whosoever disdain your ability,

They are already subject to mortality.

I pay homage to you the one which the end proclaim, 

For I’ve known the one whose name is above your name.



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