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Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 18 April 2020

Why should I hire you?

Good morning sirs, I am Alexis

Good morning my daughter,where are you credentials?

Sitting down I handed it over, you know the normal cycles

Wow! This is far more above her equals

As he mumbled to his colleagues 

You should have seen smiles beaming releasing my dimples

He continued, you know you are very beautiful and attractive like petals

And having this credentials plus beauty,I must say you are really more than other damsels

I felt very comfortable right now as I smiled intensely showing off my dentals 

He leaned forward and headed for my bangles

As he pulled the words" So are we playing by the rules?"

What rules I asked, you know about the car and its fuels

"Sir, please am still confused", I said while adjusting my angles

My baby girl, you know: all that  entails your genitals. 

Or probably you can spice it up with anals

That was when I knew I was up for sales

I know your credentials are good but you know some here are  better than yours, Alexis

So, Why should we hire you baby girl if you can't play the games

The ball is in your court, I would leave you to decide but you have only few seconds



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