Bayo Akinnola

Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Saturday 18 December 2021


Blow, breeze blow

Hay of the field dancing

With the rushing dust

And the running dew

Clog those pathways 

Fogs sing

A Carol of December 

Blow! Breeze blow

Church bells bellowed in anger

Daring the silent night

The town metamorphosed 

Red of the earth

Kissing white of the sky

Travelling birds laughing with spread wings

Picking wild nuts

Spread by cold laughing wind

It's beginning to look like Christmas 

So blow

Blow! Breeze blow 

Wandered legs peel at the heels

Warming under duvet

Cracked lips

To sing a lullaby 

Of the anxious and peeping new year


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