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Biography: Raised in the heart of Benin city, yet always inspired by the beauty of nature, this poet has been writing since the age of 15. At 20 years young, i have already established a strong reputation as a wordsmith and storyteller, captivating audiences with their graceful words and vivid imagery. This poet’s enthusiasm for exploring the world around them is evident in my work. With their deep knowledge of history, geography, art, spirituality, and people, I expertly weave these elements together to create stories that capture the beauty of the natural world. I am especially passionate about the power of nature to heal and restore, and my writing is often used to encourage others to do the same. Not one to stay in one place for too long, I'm a poet that's always seeking out new places, faces, and experiences to inspire my craft. Whether it’s a hike on a scenic trail or a stroll through the bustling streets of my hometown, I never fail to find creative inspiration in my travels. An advocate for creative expression, I consider it my mission to share my passion for the written word and inspire others to do the same. With each published poem, I want to prove that true power lies in the beauty of nature, knowledge, and human connection.

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Temidayo Nwabueze
Friday 30 December 2022

Ode to Life and Love on the Highlands of Ekiti

Oh life, love, and ecstasy on the highlands of Ekiti,

How sweet is your beauty,

How sweet is your melody.

The beauty of the Highlands of Ekiti,

Filled with lush greenery and rolling hills,

Makes the heart sing with joy and thrill.

From the upland groves of Iye in Ekiti,

Where the butterflies dance in the air,

To the sacred groves of Oke Ero in Ekiti,

Where the sacred waterfalls and springs flow,

Life, love, and ecstasy reigns and glows.

The beauty of the highlands of Ekiti,

Filled with natural wonders and magic,

Makes us forget all the worries and strife.

From the majestic highlands of Ado in Ekiti,

Where the sunsets are always picturesque,

To the rugged highlands of Emure in Ekiti,

Where the thunderous rivers course through,

Life, love, and ecstasy always break through.

The beauty of the highlands of Ekiti,

Filled with vibrant wildlife and majestic views,

Makes us always want to come back and renew.

From the highlands of Oye in Ekiti,

Where the birds greet each day with joy and cheer,

To the grand highlands of Gbonyin in Ekiti,

Where the nightingales sing sweetly,

Life, love, and ecstasy is always ever near.

Oh life, love, and ecstasy on the highlands of Ekiti,

How sweet is your beauty,

How sweet is your melody.

Thank you for always being there,

To give us the joy, peace, and serenity,

That we always seek and need.

For life, love, and ecstasy,

On the highlands of Ekiti,

We are forever grateful,

And we thank you endlessly.


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