Olatunji Abulude

Biography: A budding poet and lover of poetry in their many forms. Aimlessly writing and hopelessly addicted to writing.

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Olatunji Abulude
Sunday 28 May 2023


It was a glorious land till the white men came. 
Once arrogated, her glory stole.
Left desolated, her ego bruised. 
Without her consent, the Master named. 

Fictitious unity, Albion sold 
While her tamed people, Lugard conned.
Hollow freedom, Robertson gave 
“A bright new dawn!” her people told.

But true manumission ne’er ensued. 
Omnishambles! Failure galore.
Her glory swapped with one she ne’er mould. 
A failing state, ought to ne’er formed.


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