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Precious Olite
Wednesday 26 May 2021


I am swept off my feet 

and has fallen in love with a thief,

like an apple tree among the trees of pear,

so she is distinguished among ten thousand ladies.

As a tactic robber, she searched and found the thrown away keys to a fragile heart,


and wraparound my love like jewels.

What was I looking at to have stumbled and fell for you so fast?

I wondered if she noticed how fast.

She is "chef d' œvre",


with eyes like chocolate opal and perfect rounded thighs like gemstones.

She stole my sight,

and I only saw the beauty of this world in her eyes.

She stole my pain,

and gave me happiness.


She stole the shadows of my past,

and saw the best in my imperfections.

She stole my thoughts, 

and I think of her everyday.

Our hands together, she stole kisses from me; her lips so sweet.


And our hearts beat as one.

How did you make me feel this way, in a little bit?,

Who was I to fight this aura of peace?.

she stole my heart, with love and care,


I chose to forgive her heist.



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