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Eniola Jonathan
Thursday 5 January 2023

OT Guy

Bad guy to the world

Bad omen to his generations to come

People condemn him with harsh words

Passing the blame to a guy in cage

Lack of upbringing they say

Letting him regret being born

Cursed his parents for making him pay

Carving the thoughts of ignition

Try to feel himself when he was young

Treating his mates like slaves to pleas his ego

Granting evil in his soul to sing

Great song of mischief making love go

Dad always warn him but didn't care

Dealing with work to feed the family

Mum's a failure, family matters obscure

Murmuring around the neighborhood to occupy

Snag after snag come his way

Silently sinking into serious wave

Placing his thoughts to forge a stay

Pleating his sorrow to have a save

His OT landed him into trouble

History of fallen heroes he recall

Who has made the mistake

Without thinking, he makes the call

Environment killed his humanity

Engaging in crimes that has no reward

Obstructing the future of living happily

Observing nature, Jane got the sword

Thought he was dying but she didn't open

Telling her to stand to finish the fight

Afraid of the situation he broke down

Anger has once again put him in a situation so tight

Cell awaits every criminal

Calling him was more obvious

He had wanted to come, but he got the deal

Hindering his LA call overseas

Inmates welcome him harshly

Intruding his traumatized state

Knocking down another man like Bobby Lashley

Killed for the world to be at peace


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