Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 14 October 2020


Night rain thundered endlessly
Out of the tower of faith
Beneath darkness and light
You dropped it on my lap
Your pen yet full with ink
And reluctantly, it fell to the ground

Ozidi saga the wild wind
Gathers cloud
To stand the wives' revolt
We left akimbo
And pleaded your star to stay
But in the early of the morning
Mbari the sun drifted west

The raft rift apart
The masquerade with long face
Danced the song of a goat
Streamside exchanged
And the priestess of Abiku
Sprang like a reed in the tide

It was all too late
The boat has set sail
And the other Clark 
While now standing in
Announced: Bekederemo of kiagbodo
With a decade of tongues
Has gone to see the casualties

Like Mandela 
Bright rainbows
Shall bestride your head
Like a fallen soldier
Tall angels shall relief you
At the gate of yellow reed
You have lived and died a man!

       -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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