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Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023


I've always wanted to learn how how to play chess
Does it improve your IQ? My answer is a straight yes
But I don't know it, like a blind man with a remote and don't know which button to press
This board game has existed for centuries
I figured it helps in improving and building memories
I saw people play it and I wonder what it means
It's got another name called "The game of kings and queens"
The only game I want to learn, so count me in
How do you lose and how do you win?
Of course I'm never going for the lose
And like every game it has its own rules
You see it in offices of presidents, CEOs and business moguls
Two football greats Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have a picture of them playing it and they're at the top
Leo's the winner, since he already won the world cup

Chess players watch each other, even as they blink
They spend time studying how their opponents think
It's got the pawn, bishop, knight, rook, queen and the king
I know the winner is the one who captures the opponent's king
If I win please don't hate
It means I outsmart my opponent so Checkmate



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