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Godbless Koria
Wednesday 9 August 2023

Guard Against The Man

There from the start of toil

Began this needful fault

As a natural string

That veins across all

From the past to the future

The antagonist of vulnerability.

And I, perceiving through nature's eyes

Observes this beauty never out

Rekindles like the Eagle

Enhanced by claws and fangs in a fellow's heart.

Now, what is this that wears this ridiculous sound?

Oh! it is raw to the soul and funny to know

That a man pays a man

To guard and protect his soul.

Hearings from ancient times

How kingdom rose as people raised

Of how guards were placed on four kingdom's sides

But, far beyond has it come

Surpassing that ancient style,

Now, the walls are crowned with torns of steel and glass,

Rounded by sparky lines,

Guarded by teeths and guns and ersatz eyes.

So, it continues

This refined unchanging course

With guard against the man.


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