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Destiny Huesfac3
Sunday 7 July 2019

Nature's beat

The sounds of rapid down pour
on rusty, hazy zinc roof sheets
in harmony with the soft groans
from heavy dark clouded canopy;
soft flashes tweet and squeal
melodies of distant hope of surplus.

Towards the city’s hall overflow,
a conglomerate of choral singers
with croaks and stridulations;
night at alert on alarmist's screeches,
fill dark pond’s waters with jingles;
from bongo vibes, the music flows.

Pining inside out of silhouette trees,
sagging, tapping with flute and hoots;
from a distant mountain, the alpha
calls out at full moon; forest sheds
leaves and furs to unknown destinations;
a coarse undertone—the loiterer’s sigh!

White dove submerges from sunrise,
the deadened forest perforated
by scintillating sunrays; eyes twitch,
awakening mellow, sweet sounds
of morning songbirds in Eden;
all sounds harmonise with nature's beat.


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