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Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023


The mind is an information-processing entity

Don't believe you can measure its quantity

It's mysteriously wonderful

And also still powerful

That's where all the great ideas are created

Like a poem in the heart before it's jotted

The temptation really happens in there

It's processing the information you always hear

Sometimes it doesn't tell you to do the right thing

The spirit wants another thing the body wants another thing

The soul gives what it usually hears and see

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he

It's been spoken

Temptation comes from your own desires and emotion

I'll bet you those telenovelas been watched are meant to make your emotions open

And temptation comes through the door that's been left open

So if you show interest and be attentive to a thought, you're giving it power 

Resisting the thought and not making exactly what you want to think about makes you the overcomer

Shut the door to temptation, it won't come in

But if it's already in and your body finds it satisfying

Your heart will always bring it up, and now you'll feel like you're in a hole

But if you're attentive to it, then you're giving it control

We just gotta shut the door to temptation

By not showing interest and giving your attention



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