Matthias Pantaleon

Biography: Playwright | Poet | Lyricist | Hymnist | Stage Director| Art Connoisseur | Entrepreneur

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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

The Light Over Andoni

The light over Andoni rises from mellow sky

When it glows; it's softer than shine

When it shines; it glitters upon its isles 

that's scattered side by side

 the mangrove swamps like lotus to the world

Exceeding the wisdom of men 

and slippery wits

Andoni of broken chains

moulding ethos and cuddling silence

That ample crown her apple reach and mehr

Andoni of fierce warriors

shouldered victories and boisterous conquest

Land of many a birth

many a brith 

and glitz of dancing wavelets washed ashore

My thoughts drift to you every now and then 


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