Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 11 October 2020


My girl is upstreet girl
Everyday in the morning
She comes back drowsy
Her eyes heavy with sleep

My girl is upstreet girl
Her name: Lady Don't Dull
Stern and avaricious; ambitious
No time for shoddy deals

Heels turned her 6ft plus
Her shots devil-tailored
Shoved up her thighs
With lingeries of bright mascara
Slaying open her cleavage
In an unusual night work-dress

There along Sanusi Fafunwa
She peddles like a pendulum
Bubbling; popping like bubble gum
Her trade is dusk till dawn
Briddled with brisk determination
That sometimes take her up Allen Avenue

She is upstreet girl!
She is upstreet girl!

Possessed with fat pocket
Unlided by luxury
Obsessed in a man's wealth
Not the potency of his third leg

I contemplated her many times
But last December
She threw me in dilemma 
When she caught mama by the heart!

             -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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