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Olukemi Omoyeni
Tuesday 14 September 2021

How to love a feminist

save me mehir from this subtle flesh,

Older I grow, thirsty I become.

Watch Mehir, as I bury myself in between your arms,

In all my feebleness, though opulent.

If I had written a Will before

I shall consult the reckless lawyer,

To tell him to write a codicil or be mute.

All my life I shall will to you Mehir,

I will gladly bequeath my chose in action in indentures, 

I shall hand you the sepulchre,

And me you shall lead to infinity

Only if you make me a priority,

Not letting me depend on me for all I do,

Remind me by action that i am delicate,as you have fondly called me,

The way you will protect and handle the many raw eggs in your chiller,

Then forget feminism, it is flinty,

By your acts of reverence and care tell me I am a woman,

And I shall become a woman from the man that Iam now,
On the long run you shall see,
No woman is a hard nut to crack afterall.


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