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Monday 25 March 2024

Greatest gbo gbo

Take me back!

Main gate; the entrance into a world of knowledge,

Legedez for the broke, bus for the average n cabs for the wealthy, 

Faculty for the writers, engineering for the psychs, medicine for weirdos, agric for the farmers and ekewhan for the creators.

Powerful FOLSA!!! Home for all,

Equity, where white n black are at ease,

The curriculum is so vitæ no second can be wasted;

We love to pray, we love to exercise, we love to read and we love our soirée, 

A true balance of spirit soul and body.

Our lectures were never dull moments,

Our lecturers deserve oscars definitely A-class actors, 

Role playing parents, motivational speakers, disciplinarians and much more,

They knew they were raising the leaders of tomorrow,

So they decided to correct yesterday´s mistakes,

Ensuring that the future will be bright,

So classworks were like assignments,

Assignments like projects, 

and Projects like propositions;

It was more than getting a grade, 

It was really about becoming a master,

Ready to disspitate his mastery with finesse.

Fast forward years after,

Powerful men and women in a room;

The chant greatest gbo gbo,

The echo reverbs in affirmation,

UNIBEN is still the best.


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