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Benedict Omenogor
Tuesday 14 September 2021


Imagine a firm
Without a vision, a mission
And a target market
Imagine a firm just wearing a name,
A firm producing nothing,
What kind of firm is this?
My mind ponders

Imagine an artiste on stage
And all we hear is, silence!
An artiste now a statue,
And a concert now an exhibition,
But, what kind of concert is this?
And of what use is the stage 
If not for a performance?

Imagine a novel,
With a title so captivating 
And a design so inviting
But, the pages are filled with nothing!
What kind of novel is this?
My mind ponders,
A novel without a substance
A novel that shatters my dream

Imagine a life 
Without a vision, a mission
And a target market 
Imagine a life just consuming
And not producing
Imagine a life just on stage,
With so much to impact and touch the world
Yet nothing to show, 
Imagine a life titled for greatness
But alive with empty pages

There's something more to life
Than hustling and trying to survive
There's something more to life 
Than working and staying alive 

Imagine a life just on earth,
Staying alive,
Until the clarion call of death...

We're all made for purpose
With so much invested in us

A great life is one
That dazzles the creator 


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