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saviour peremoke
Wednesday 15 July 2020


How can this be,

yet wonder why it took so long,

music fills mt heart, sweet and bitter,

yet my lips covered with no particular song.

a very particular being,

one for whom i lay restless at night,

to whom my every being has surrendered,

my mind at ease at her very sight.

finally a rush that has no expression,

this is more than a game that i have to tame,

something more than perfection,

still all i hear is her voice calling my name

 a true replica of amazonian beauty,

and like the rain forests ever green,

one whose beauty lie with uncertainty,

yet with every stare new as never seen

hoping one day she would be mine,

lost forever i am in her eyes,

even if it were to be true,

most beautiful was the way she said


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