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Ezra Bature
Sunday 6 February 2022

Nigerian Politician

Politician proposes change, 

They Campaign with fallacy, 

Promises without prosecution..

exclamation  to incite obedience..

Masses Match out in March to 

Stimulate election like the Savior 

of the poor is here, a new dawn 

With hope.. 

Believe to beloved, election is here, 

Party first before quality..

Tribalism thrive....

Regionalism is the criteria...

corruption irrupts.. 

The elect select only but with nepotism...

Politician con for profuse luxury, 

Poverty they proffer..

Community turn to desert 

Poor aging without gain 

They decompose with their hopes..

Hope hold,  tomorrow will be better 

but bitter tomorrow is all we see..

Graduate gradually turning to fraudsters, 

Quick money is the aim.. 

Street without ventilation, 

Community without communion,

The sons and daughters of the elite living large without lack in Lake Como..

Here we are occupant without occupation..

The next election is coming.. 

Voters without a voters card,

Successor already known.

Politician lie to live...


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