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Biography: I lived in reality world... In which poems serve as foods... I love my spoon { Halal Pen}

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Al Hassan Yunus
Tuesday 11 July 2023

Heart Message

In the middle of the night

When the due has came down in the the night 

And the sky was in smear

So captivating the stars are

I gushed up to write a heartfelt message 

I took hold of my pen that's very weak

Took a blank book page to scribe

And make a vow over my cloak

I wrote this with invisible ink in pages

And used a faded pen in stanzas

It can be only read with feelings

And section the poem in chapters

Whenever I say you; my heart on,

My mind gone and could never feel the sun,

Choose it as a love proposal from me to you;

And accept it as a letter written with jingle,

During the time on volcano; I'm not leaving,

During the storm; I will be waiting,

By the time of end of world; I will still be waiting,

This is what I meant to do; not a blabbering,

You're the rays that's penetrating into the tin heart,

I was soliloquizing of how you enter in,

Angles of my heart; had been seale',

Your power of love penetrate in,

You're the string to my guitar,

And I will study you as aerodynamic lyrics,

Write the melodious voice of yours in stanza,

And place it at a side of my kidney to conjugates,

The first breeze that flew to my eyes in the morning;

Usually came with tranquility and individuality,

At that instance, I felt the absence of your arming;

Alludes to it that it may be a signal to your present,

That's why I which to choose a endearment name for you;

I will call you with names that nimble you,

Then I will call you; Mi Amor, Mi Vidal, Habeebty or El carino

This few messages I could afford because the invisible ink I'm using it's shivering rigorously.


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