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Friday 29 March 2024

The I am That Is Not I am

This is my "turn"

said the God-man

His ill-gotten turn

Is annihilating everything

And has turned our land

downside down-

The dying giant is at

the crossroads

And the dead are crying

over a crawling

nation that capsized

in the air on 7 sept. 2023.


The man that sells

woman power, iron and human

Kwodem (scrap)

And the majority of the

minority group

Are not REALLY complaining,

like the votes that were not

uploaded in real time

They don’t have a voice!

Digital conspiracy:

BVAS have buried their rights.


Everybody is complaining

about the untold hardship

in the land

Except senior Buhardy

who is mocking the masses

for jumping from the frying

pan into the fire!


Looking at the doings

of our senior men

I realized –

If God was the God-man

He would have been

a superbeing

Like the superbeings

of the owl’s village

Or the ahabic godfathers

and the zezebelic queens

With eyes on Osa Rock

Power buttons.

Thank God

God is God

A supernatural being

Not the I’m that is not I’m:

The self-elected polictricksters

Who championed corruption

as an act of governance

And The Cabal who are the

enablers of state crime.


He is the I’m that I’m

Not the richest- that I’m –

The richest green rat,

One man squad

That hides behind the government,

draining the economy as

The Eze Ego Gburugburu.


The Escobalic and Osamalistic


That close the country’s borders


For the benefit of all-in-one man

Who boasts about his ability to

Feed 200 million people.


And the weeping masses

Are saying,

Who destroyed the foundation

and widened the fault lines?

Could it be unkulunkulu?


God is not as the senior doom-

The agama lizard of the lostland,

and the unborn landlords of 1914

Who dwelt under the shadow

Of amalgamation-

The boyly boys and girly girls:

The ancient with feeding bottles

Who united a people

divided by nature

And structured the country

in favour of the mighty bull

with nineteen horns

Giving it undue political

advantage over

The stars that have six eyes


And the marginalized moon

with five ears-

The moon and the stars

Are shedding crocodile tears

Over the bull’s obstinate refusal

To have the county restructured


Not willing to hold the

bull by the horn!


They are willing to talk about

the afternoon dew that watered

The  senior men

With estacodes, sitting and

Squatting allowances,

Flirting and condom allowances.


The Cabalic god mother who

declared herself

The first elected female governor of

Sambisa State.


The intelligentsias (prof.)

Who have mastered the act

electoral fraud

And the lords that “unlaw the

law” by giving stamp of authority

to electoral robbery.


They talk about

A vampiric business empire

controlled by the richest

man on the ocean floor

With politricksters and criminals


as shareholders.


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