Oriyomi Eriwayo

Biography: "I am a Nigerian poet, playwright, and actor based in the UK. My creative work often exploring themes of faith, identity, and the human experience. As a member of this poetry community, I aim to connect with fellow artists, share my work, and continue growing in my craft."

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Oriyomi Eriwayo
Thursday 9 May 2024

Love’s Eternal Beacon

In the quiet hush of night,

A truth I cannot deny,

God's love, a beacon bright,

A whisper from on high.

Through storms that rage, and trials come,

His love, an anchor sure,

A refuge, a sacred home,

A love that shall endure.

In every breath, in every sigh,

His love surrounds me, deep and wide,

A balm for my weary eye,

A strength that's glorified.

I've heard many lies,

That I've sinned too much, forgiveness denied,

That I've lived too rough, salvation for me is thus forbidden,

That pornography holds power, fornication binds,

That masturbation is my slave master, freedom I'll never find.

Yet, God sees it all, and still, He loves,

Unchanged His love, a beacon above,

Patient and kind, He never insists on His own way,

His love does no wrong, He forever stays.

In John 13, He said to us,

Love is to be patient and kind,

It doesn't insist on its own way,


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