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Osaiga Eseiwi
Sunday 2 April 2023

Meticulous Mind

How perfect he was I can not tell
This story is I do have to share
And if your minds happen to grasp
Hold this knowledge in a tightened clasp

There once was one who played the tune
A gift that made dead flowers bloom
His sound divine as morning dew
Frankly indeed, this tale is true

This one with time in knowledge grew
And took to ink, well, paper too
With skill, his works were wonderful
For beauty, to love as well reproof

Apparent it was, indeed he knew
This one saw he was beautiful
He felt the air his presence blew
And was struck with joy from heaven too

Meticulous, he saw every clue
This one perfectly understood
The world and what was meant to be
Truly, this one indeed is me.


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