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Emmanuel Uwe Etim
Saturday 23 April 2022


the night is long, longer than the path

that led you to me,

you are the road I have taken,

a coal of burning frost,

and i have returned, i have returned in

my coat, smelling like prodigal foliages

bludgeoned by winter, 

i have returned to rest my poorness on

thy breast,

returned for you to feed my hawk the

milk of gentleness, 

I have returned so you can caress my name

just the way you used to under the baobab tree

where silence eavesdrops the nudest of


returned to have you seduce my dawn,

to have you teach my morning the chemistry

of joy, to have you take me to the alluvial

of relief, to help me relax, to help me

plummet into your pit of dimple, 

i have returned like a mercenary sent into

a profitless war with my shoes almost defeated,

i have returned, bleeding like a massacred


returned so you can exhale on my wounds,

returned so you can wash my miseries off

with your sponge of smile. 

Etim Emmanuel Uwe


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