Olamide Odediran

Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Sunday 13 June 2021


Happy sabbath,

Hope you've been blessed from His word today?

Here is a letter I wrote to celebrate the uniqueness and importance of God's Word.

May His Word never depart from our life.

Dear Stranger,

    Am writing this letter with a mixed feelings,the feeling of been heard and the feeling of neglection,am happy i can use this medium to pour out my heart even if you later tear up the letter due to anonymity.

      Life is said to be a rollercoaster,it swings  forth and back,during the course of my life,i had have my own share of the swing,life has been good and it has been bad,but your word has been a lamp to my feet and a light to way.

            When life throws stones and pebbles at me,your word is a shield in which take refuge,it protect me from all sorts of vices,when am down your word lifts my mood,your word is like a seed planted in my  life on which i grow.

     I know you are equally surprised as i am too when i first detect your word to be comforting and peaceful even though i never see you,your word is incomparable,it is indescribable and it is  irreplaceable.

               How sweet are thy word

               Yes,sweeter than honey

               And the drippings of honeycombs 

               Thy word is a seed

               In which i grow

               Thy word is a lamp to my feet

               And a light to my way

              Your word is a shield

               Where i take refuge

              Your word is a sword in which i slain

              Thy word is a devouring flame

              And like hammer 

             who shatters the rock

             Your word is like a still water

             So calm and  violent free

             In which i find peace and comfort.

     Your word has been part of me,that i strive to hear from you daily,out of all books in the universe,the one that housed your word is my favourite.

         Till we meet,i will continue to read your words and hope to hear from you daily.

                                                  Love from

                                 One who reads your word





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