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Adeoye Toheeb
Wednesday 6 April 2022

Prisoner of Depression.


Staring at the ghost of trees once green,

Sadness creeps into my heart.

Their barks dry and brown

Like the sturdy rope around my neck.

No use living.

No use striving.


Hope is nothing to desire

It only despairs me.

Thrown into a bottomless pit.

Iron bars to prevent even mere thought of escape.

Fed with sadness and anxiety.

A little water of self hatred to wet my throat.


A rope hanyg loosely in the pit.

Tattered out of unuse.

The light at the back of the tunnel fades away

Because no one seeks it.


Depression is a mean jailer,

Who delights in sighs of hopelessness

From his prisoners.

He gave them ropes to climb out of the pit,

Yet he knew they would not bother.


He laughs at  buried dreams

And defeated talents.

At earthlings who got caught in his poisoned iron trap.









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