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Angela Nduka
Friday 8 March 2024


I am a woman.

An embodiment of discretion.

I make nation's fall and empire rise.

I make the most powerful men spellbound.

My charm is so intoxicating.

So much so, it leads you to your early demise.

My innocent eyes pierces your soul.

My enchanting gaze sets your heart ablaze.

My subtle voice makes a man's mind wonder astray.

I'm superior when I'm inferior.

I'm no rival to a man because I know my stance.

Just a touch can send you to the seventh heaven.

A taste from my luscious lips gets you addicted that you forsake all your pleasure inorder to be with me.

I'm more powerful when I'm silent.

I'm more glorious when I cry.

I'm more energetic and ambitious when I'm alone.

Why? Because I'm a woman.



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