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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Saturday 13 November 2021

I'm scared of you

written by owen hamalala H2O
silent poet
title i`m scared of you

this is not a love story but This is my confession
Yes I am scared of you
Is it because of you big brown
Eyes that make me shiver or the
Depose to your smile

This heart betrays me every time
I gaze apon your beauty

I am scared of you

Is the smile that cuts up your lips or
The is it the colour of your skin
The impecfection in the eyes of a stranger
As I keep gazing upon you beauty
Not so far from perfection but you perfect
Captured in my thoughts arrested in my on mind
Of Curiosity
I am scared of you
Or is the way you look at me right now
Your high expection
Is it the way you talk
Or the rudness
that scares me
My mind my body is forcused
I made them one
See this life is wealth living
You represent the true african beauty
Am scared of u
You see
Performance will not give you
Your beauty is like a parasit that eats up ones mind
Weh will I ever respond to this conviction
Of being scared
This is not love love story but but this is my confession
Yes I am scared of
Is it the way I picture words flying from
her lips like weapon or its the brokeness
I see within her heart
She is like a broken glass but still transperent
Rude and irrational but still obedient
To the cause respected by all but yet diabolic
In her eyes I see,the hurt ,the betrayal but still chooses
To live her life
I am scared of you
As I battleded with my consciousness
With this new this called fear
Lose of words wen I hear her voice
You see you were an accendent waiting to hapen
Now it has happened the accedent that scares me
My voronability have been exposed like saws which
Is why I keep coming back
Like the waves that return to the show
Even wen it has been pushed back
I am scared of you
If could write the notes of the song
To which beauty of creation
And nature sing along [too]
Blind guessing and trusting my hunch
I could dig deep into earth's chambers
Searching for sparkly and precious


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