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Blessing Ogunyigbo
Sunday 20 December 2020

The Sunset.

Once at a crossroad,

Two figures met,

Clashing yet striking,

One, a blinding sensation of light,

Pulsing softly and hard at intervals,

The other a dampener on light's dazzling aura,

Cool and heavy with unnatural burdens,

Shrouded in gloom and darkness,

They met,

These great figures at a crossroad,

And stood watching,

To the mundane eyes,

A clashing of powers,

But to them,

A sad reunion of two lovers,

Forbidden to love,

Forbidden to touch,

For they compliment each other,

The very opposite of themselves,

But forbidden to meet,

For humanity sake,

So they watch on,

Longing and aching,

But no more than that,

Darkness reaches out to day,

But she shies back,

Afraid of the catastrophe that would be born,

Fleeing from her lover's face,

She cries and bleeds,

Darkness grief is poured out in volumes,

And the sunset is born,

A spectacular moment for the humans,

But a sad parting for the immortals.


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