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Monday 11 April 2022

Mirror mirror [lll]

Mirror Mirror

Tell me who I am ARE WE ALL BROKEN

Because a nation is falling and everybody is aware of it, does no one have a solution to this calamity ? Is this truly who we are meant to be? I stare at myself and i see the walls breaking apart, we stand divided because we are Ignorant about the power of unity... Gradually we have become slaves to war and our new wine is the blood that is being wasted on dry land... How can tomorrow be certain when our today is undetermined promises made are being unfulfilled we say we rise but in reality we fall... You say we are strong but in reality we are weak don't tell me what i want to hear but do what you said you will do and together let's stand tall... I stare at myself and all I see is the corrupt mind of the great the selfishness to have more, the negligence that cause rift between the young and the old between the mighty and the weak... I stare at myself all I see are strive for survival, the poor becoming poorer and the richer becoming richer... I see starvation and death having no mercy on the weak and suddenly my mirror breaks because what is broken can never be fixed, we are broken...


Mirror Mirror 

Then tell me is this who I really am? 


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