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Biography: I am a Christian, a proud Yoruba boy and someone who is passionate about writing poems that are didactic and morally uplifting. I am on Facebook and Twitter: @IdOroye

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Idowu Oroye
Friday 5 February 2021


Gods of our land, this is Kola! 

Food by your very own hands baked, 

Which breathes life into us. 

He who brings Kola brings life, 

Here in my hands is Kola. 

May hospitality never leave us, 

May peace forever in our abode reside. 

May our brothers never betray us

and let our sisters in cordiality bask. 

May the osùn on our sisters' faces

always delight us. 

Let there be man and woman, boys and girls,

Affront your altar may we stand in holy matrimony, 

And may Ọ̀sun bless our wombs

with great children. 

May there be life here

and in our neighbour's obi,

May our own òbí never mourn us. 

Olódùmarè, may your eyes shine on us always, 

Let Ògún's iron shield cover us, 

Ọbalúayé on us breathes health, 

And Sàngó's thunder pour rainfall. 

He who brings Kola brings life, 

In my hands here is Kola. 

May it always keep our souls alive,

Now and when we breathe away life. 




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