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Biography: Media Personal/Humaniatarian/A writer, poet/Editor. Food vendor, social media influencer, digital marketer

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Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022

The Fall of Man

Created in the garden of Eden, Beautiful beyond words, Innocent, guiltless, blameless, sinless and pure, Created in the image of Him, a friend and a companion, With liberty and dominion over all creatures, A woman was ribbed out of him, gorgeous and pretty, blindfold eyes for the truth is hidden, naked they walked unknowingly, happy and sinless, The Lord has bestowed all but one was prohibited, "the forbidden fruit", the test of obedience, If disregard would incur the guilt of transgression, a careful warning and instructions fit impart, Disguise well adpated for his purpose, the medium of the fallen foe, the wisest and beautiful creature with wings, dazzling brightness with brillancy and burnished gold, a creature to arrest attention and delight the eyes, "the Serpent"!! The delicious fruit caught the attention of the tempter, thou shall not die he said, but thou shall be exalted in the sphere of existence, your knowledge shall be broaden like the creator, Satan through his medium excite a spirit of curiosity, to penetrate the secret of divine wisdom and Power of the Almighty, Man taste the forbidden, and know the unknown, eyes open! naked they realized, hidden truth divulge, His righteous path now lead to degradation and death, to enjoy a greater liberty now emanate to greater curse, hardships and agony.. An outcast from Heaven, with sin and infinite loss, has concealed man to his position, a dangerous deceiver, leading life to eternal ruin, Sinless soul to sin, Blameless soul to blame, and the penalty is death, Out of mercy and grace, man will not be condemn for he conscientiously believe in fallacy.. The fallen man


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