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Kehinde-Margret Makinde
Tuesday 20 September 2022

Edge of My Existence

Womb and Tomb zoom the croon. 

Soon, each dune in June is boon;

The doubloon and gadroon, 

Attune each spoon strewn in its swoon.

Like the moon at the edge of my existence, 

I toluene the festoon’s immune, 

Pontoon by platoon,

I impugn the poltroon within thinking picayune. 

Like trinitrotoluene sent to bestrewn deception, 

To will the hesp, oillet, and knosp within;

To wield the toman by the toings; 

I plunge the lagune by the monsoon.


The boom coaches the Boone in me,

Till I am well shoed 

In celestial toon. 


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